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GUILIN CHILI SAUCE 桂林辣椒醬 [12x368g]

GUILIN CHILI SAUCE 桂林辣椒醬 [12x368g]

STOCK CODE: 4208950

Lee Kum Kee™ Guilin Chili Sauce was developed from a century old recipe in Guilin, China. Tiny bird’s-eye chilies give this sauce a fiery accent, perfect for dipping and stir-frying.

INGREDIENTS: Salted Chili Pepper ( Chili Peppers, Salt ), Fermented Soybean Paste ( Water, Salt, Soybean, Wheat), Water, Soy Sauce ( Water, Salt, Soybean, Wheat), Sugar, Dried Garlic, Sesame Oil, Soybean Oil, Chili Pepper Powder, Shallot, Modified Corn Starch, Caramel Colour, Lactic Acid.

Contains Soybeans, Wheat, Sesame
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