Lee Kum Kee Ma Po Tofu Sichuan Style Sauce [3x12x80g]

STOCK CODE: 4660125


Lee Kum Kee Ma Po Tofu Sichuan Style Sauce (Spicy) is easy to use. Simply by adding the ingredients to cook and enjoy the dishes right away. 


Rich in flavour and spicy taste come from the Chili Bean (Toban) and Chili Oil.


Ingredients: Sugar, soy sauce (water, salt, soy beans, wheat flour), fermented soybean paste (water, salt, soybeans, wheat flour), water, rice wine (water, rice, wheat), fish extract (anchovy, salt), sesame paste, dried chili peppers, caramel colour, salted chili peppers (chili peppers, salt), salt, sesame oil, chili bean paste (chili peppers, broad beans, salt, wheat flour), soybean oil, sichuan pepper powder, rice vinegar, tomato paste, dehydrated garlic, spices, modified corn starch, ginger, flavour, disodium 5'-inosinate and disodium 5'-guanylate, xanthan gum, shallots


Contains Soybeans, wheat,sesame, anchovy



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