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THAI SWEET CHILI SAUCE 泰式甜辣椒醬 [12x510g]

THAI SWEET CHILI SAUCE 泰式甜辣椒醬 [12x510g]

STOCK CODE: 4206250

Lee Kum Kee™ Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is a sweet and mild sauce made from selected high quality ingredients, including chili peppers and garlic. This sauce is great for fried foods such as spring rolls, crispy wontons, fish sticks, or chicken fingers.

INGREDIENTS: White Sugar, Water, Corn Syrup Powder Garlic, Salted Chili Pepper, Rice Vinegar, Salt,Modified Corn Starch, Concentrated Pineapple Juice, Shallot, Spice, Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Paprika Oleoresin.

Hot Level 1
Contains Wheat Soybean
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