OLYMPIC DISTRIBUTORS was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1949. The concept for our establishment, and now, our company’s mission is to bring delicious, quality, authentic food products  from around the world to the Canadian consumers.


Since 1949, over decades after decades of changes in the world, along with it, the food industry have also evolved into a highly technical and matured industry. Furthermore, with the aid of new technologies, consumers in general are becoming more and more educated and aware of their food choices. 


In order to meet the more educated, technical and demanding market, companies such as ourselves most continue to strive to become a more effective and efficient. For this reason, we continue to expand our global procurement network, seeking only the best product interms of quality and value.


Today, OLYMPIC DISTRIBUTORS is among the top importer and  specialist in the Ethnic grocery import category in the Canadian market.


With a distribution network of over 2,500 outlets, we continue to share our company’s core value with consumers across the nation.